Social Media Fatigue
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Social Media Fatigue

Social Media Fatigue

This lockdown in Melbourne has proved to be more than challenging for a lot of people.

High levels of unemployment, business closures and the pressures of home schooling have been taking their toll. This has led some people to start spending more time of social media which is at times a good thing for socialisation and connection and at other times not such a good thing.

Here are some tips to keep make sure you are protecting your mental health and creating acceptable boundaries for yourself when engaging on social media platforms.

1. Mindfulness in how to makes you feel.

If you find you are spending hours and hours arguing with people or posting a lot and its making you feel anxious and stressed then that’s a good sign you need to step away a bit. If you are checking the news constantly or checking every post that anyone puts up you may be overusing. When your use of it is causing you real distress its time revaluate how you are using it.

2. Awareness of time spent on it:

If your spending hours and hours and neglecting your work and family it’s time to revaluate its value and how useful these engagements are. Are they adding any value to your day or life? Is it keeping you away and isolated from your family within your home? Are you sitting with family but always on your phone and not “present” – try putting your phone and laptop away for an hour or so. If you find this too difficult, go for a walk by yourself or with your family and leave your phone home or switch it to silent if you are taking it with you.

3. Awareness of purpose:

Are you on social media to engage with others, learn and connect? Then you can use it in a healthy way. If you’re on it to argue and troll others, in the long run, it will be damaging for you own mental health and well-being. Revaluate why you use and if you have been using it negatively, try and reframe how you look at it and use it to create more positive interactions.

I’ve attached some useful links below if you or someone you know needs some more help and support.

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